RSFC Basic to Advance


This program delves into comprehensive stock market basics to advance:

  • Candlestick patterns and their significance in gauging buyer sentiment.
  • Understanding Support and Resistance levels.
  • Analyzing market structures and trends using multiple time frames.
  • Techniques for breakout identification and trading.
  • In-depth insights into Price Action - focusing on Demand and Supply.
  • Chart patterns and their implications.
  • Key indicators such as RSI, Ichimoku Cloud, Pivot Points, VWAP, and Anchored VWA.
  • Utilizing Moving Averages for trading.
  • Volume analysis and its importance.
  • Leveraging Fibonacci Numbers, Harmonics, and patterns like ABCD and XABCD.
  • Stock selection methods, including scans and intraday strategies.

RSFC BTST & Swing course.


RSFC's BTST & Swing Course provides an in-depth understanding:

  • Basics of Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) & Swing trading strategies.
  • Identifying favorable stocks for short-term holding.
  • Reading market trends and interpreting price actions.
  • Effective utilization of technical indicators for BTST & Swing trades.
  • Recognizing entry and exit points for maximizing gains.
  • Analyzing risk factors and managing trade volatility.
  • Advanced chart analysis, pattern identification, and confirmation techniques.
  • Real-life case studies and practical application insights.
  • Developing personalized BTST & Swing trading strategies.
  • Comprehensive support and resources for course participants.
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